by Stanislav Müller 

The Manabi monsters, members of the Order
of Optons, present Sensei - the master,
and Gakusei - the follower.
They are both born of light to fight the darkness.

The inspiration for this artwork comes from Stanislav Müller's personal teaching experiences in Japan, as well as his fascination for comic book culture. The Manabi monsters, members of the Order of Optons, present Sensei - the master, and Gakusei - the follower.

They are both born of light to fight the darkness. Sensei, the master of the way of light, can transform his head and, by changing his expression, he confuses darkness. His facial expressions are called Naku, Warau, and Okoru. The nature of these two beings is truly monstrous, based on the principles of the evolution of monsters, as well as on Stanislav Müller's experiences of 2012-2016, when he was teaching Japanese pupils.

"In my work with glass, I focus very precisely on the preparation phase. I need to know the basic characteristics of the monster itself. I make the most of the optical properties of glass and study the optic fracturing of light of various shapes," explains the artist. The most challenging part of the production is the engraving and grinding at the end of the creative process, the final touches that enable those creatures to be born, glorious in their strange kind of beauty.


What are your private monsters?
My personal monsters are imagination and creativity.

What was the monster you were afraid of in your childhood?
Like many of us, I used to be a little monster myself, especially from the parents' point of view. But I don't recall being afraid of anything.

What are the most frightening monsters of today?
Advertising claims that cannot be removed, social networks, overproduction and trends. 

Lasvit wins Milano Design Award for Monster Cabaret

Monster Cabaret shined and Milan kept the breath away.
LASVIT has just won Milano Design Award 2018

MILAN April 19 - LASVIT´s Monster Cabaret outshined more than 1500 exhibitions in the city of design and won the prestigious Milano Design Award. The award in main category rewards the installation that best interprets a contemporary design and a future conceptual vision.

The award ceremony took place today at the stage of Teatro Gerolamo. The award was handed over by the founder of the award Dino Lupelli and Cristina Tajani, the Councilor of Milan for fashion and design. The jury of the Milan Design Award had to research some essential aspects of events in the city: involvement, vision, contemporaneity, relationship with the city and aesthetics.

"I am happy and honored that the jury has chosen LASVIT among so many beautiful presentations. We wanted to show the exceptional Monster collection in a different, edgy, daring way. Being given this award just underlines our vision to be the most inspirational glass making company in the world," said President and founder of LASVIT Leon Jakimič.

LASVIT brings to Milanese Teatro Gerolamo a daring concept of glass Monsters, an outcome of a symphony of well-respected designers with the best bohemian artisans. Beside this premiering collection, Lasvit presents also signature glass installations. At the stage of Gerolamo dominates composition of 108 small Neverending Glory chandeliers, the admired and best-selling collection of the company, and in the middle of the auditorium: The Independant, the First of Pendants Rising from the Floor. Exhibition complements beautiful dancers from Prague burlesque.

Milano Design Awards are produced by Elita and It is the competition that rewards the events of the Milan Design Week.  

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